Wake Ministry

Contact:  Pastoral Care (631)385-3311 ext 211
Email: pastoralcare@stpathunt.org

Members of this ministry, working in pairs, provide support to families of deceased parishioners by conducting a prayer service during the wake and assisting the family to plan the funeral Mass.  The beautiful format of our Liturgy provides opportunities for families to celebrate and remember their loved one through praise, word and song.  Mindful that loss and grief affect each of us in a unique way, these ministers meet periodically to share experiences and support one another.  Families are guided through the beginning stages of healing through assistance with preparation of words of remembrance during the wake service.  The gentle encouragement of the wake ministers supports families to remember, reflect and celebrate a special life.  Wake ministers are trained by the Pastoral Care staff and experienced volunteers for our parish.  Because it is never known when a wake and funeral will occur, teams choose specific dates to be “on call”.  Other members of the Wake Service Ministry substitute if there is conflict.