Contact:  Mrs. Tricia Krug (631) 385-3311 ext 211 Email: lectors@stpathunt.org


Lectors proclaim the Word of God and lead the Prayer of the Faithful in the absence of the deacon at Mass and other liturgies as required. The Lector may also welcome worshipers and introduce the Mass before the liturgy and read announcements after communion. If you are gifted with a clear speaking voice, a general and prayerful understanding of the Scriptures you may consider this ministry. Lector schedules are prepared by a parish volunteer in three month blocks.  Flexibility in scheduling permits ministers to volunteer for dates and Masses meeting their individual needs.   Training includes introduction to the ministry at our parish, schedule process, practice with microphones and “shadowing”“an experienced minister as needed.

For more information please call Tricia Krug Director of Pastoral Care pastoralcare@stpathunt.org

Updated 05/07/2017

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