Eucharist to the Hospital/Homebound

Contact:  Pastoral Care
(631) 385-3311 ext. 211

Groups of ministers bring the Eucharist to patients in Huntington Hospital. Visits are conducted on Mondays and once a month on Sunday. These ministers bring the ultimate nourishment as well as the gift of themselves providing hope and support to patients facing difficult decisions and physical discomfort. To a patient in a hospital bed a friendly face brightens the day, a familiar prayer anchors the soul.  Ministers to the hospital humbly bring both. What a privilege to take the Eucharist to fellow parishioners who are hospitalized.  If you are willing to be trained to create a comfortable, spiritual experience for those who are not able to attend Mass you might be called to this ministry. The Dioceses offers two four hour session for the Eucharist for the Hospital Ministry in which participants learn the Roman Catholic guideline for the reception of the Eucharist in the hospital as well as tips from trained social workers on how to interact with those who are served.   After training, each new minister visits with an experienced minister to get comfortable in this new role.

Eucharist to Huntington Village Nursing and Rehabilitation:
As above, ministers bring the Eucharist, each visiting once a month on Sunday.

We are in need of additional Eucharistic Ministers to assist with distribution of Holy Communion to patients at nearby Huntington Hospital, Eucharistic Ministers, please consider being part of this rewarding ministry.  Please contact Mrs. Tricia Krug.

Eucharist to the Homebound

Do you know someone who is homebound, perhaps a neighbor, friend or family member?

These members of our parish community are no longer able to join our celebration of the Eucharist.  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are available for flexible weekly visits.  Ministers visit the same parishioners during these visits and bring both the Eucharist and a personal connection with the larger parish community.  Prior to home visits, Ministers complete diocesan training including guidelines for bringing the Eucharist into homes as well as tips and suggestions from social workers; this training helps create a spiritual and comfortable experience for all involved.

If you know someone who would benefit from this ministry