Computer Tutor

Contact:  Bob Bozzone (631) 385-3311 ext. 304

This ministry was established to give adults  the opportunity to learn how to use computers.  The parish provides a dedicated facility with current hardware and software.  Volunteer tutors work with small groups of students to explain Internet usage, word processing and financial functions on the computer.  Students goals range from improved job skills through personal satisfaction to keeping up with the grandchildren.  Students capabilities range from total beginners to moderate experience levels.  There is no fee.
How about signing up for a great computer class? 

I am a retired engineer and I teach and coordinate the Computer Tutors facility at St. Patrick’s RC Church. We teach Personal Computers (PCs, not Macs) to seniors from the ground up and I personally have been associated with computers of all types for more than 30 years.

We have a small room here at St. Patrick’s with 7 computer stations; each station is equipped with the Windows 7 Operating System, Microsoft Office and many interesting applications. In addition we have printers, scanners, learning programs and high speed Internet access for getting on the web and sending and receiving email.

Classes are held on Tuesday or Friday mornings from 10 AM until noon. You must have a computer at home to participate and if you don’t have one, we can supply one to you.

Sometimes the classes last almost a full year and I am always open for questions and comments. I distribute handouts every week and I expect each student to do some homework when it’s assigned. You wouldn’t expect to learn how to play the piano without practice, would you?

Please give me a call if you are interested – I will be happy to accommodate most any situation.

Did I forget to mention that the course is free?