Baptismal FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon should my child be baptized?

Children should be baptized within the first weeks after birth.  Arrangements may be made before the child is born.  Baptism should not be put off simply in order to have an elaborate celebration party afterward.

I (we) am not married.  Can my child be baptized?

Yes, a child may be baptized as long as there is a reasonable, well-founded hope that they will be brought up in the Catholic faith.  If you are not married in the Church, this might be time to consider doing so.  Please speak to one of the priests about this.

How many godparents?

Canon Law says that there should be one or two godparents.  If there are two, they should be male and female.  Two godparents of the same sex are not allowed.

We are not catholic.  Can our child be baptized catholic?

Yes, a child can be baptized a Catholic, but only if one of the parents becomes Catholic.  This takes several months.  Please speak to one of the priests for further details.