Altar Server

Contact:  Mrs. Patricia Krug (631)385-3311 ext 211 (adult)
Email: (adult)

Fr. Thomas Tuite (631) 385-3311 ext 225 (children)
Email: (children)

Adult Altar Servers  Adult Altar Servers extend support to the bereaved by serving at funeral masses.  Ministers work in teams of two.  If you are interested in this ministry you will be trained by an experienced server until you are comfortable of the roll.  Please contact Mrs. Tricia Krug at 631-385-3311 ext. 211 for information.

Children Altar Servers  Boys and girls of the Parish, grades 4 and up, are trained to participate in Parish celebrations of the mass through service at the Altar.  Please contact Father Thomas Tuite at 631-385-3311 ext. 220 for further information.